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Beeches Caravan Park

Gilcrux, Wigton, Cumbria, CA7 2QX.    Tel: 016973 21555.    Proprietor: Henry Airey


Greener: Our Commitment To The Environment
  • It is our aim to do as much as possible to lessen our impact on the environment and to contribute to the local community and local economy.
  • We will try to be as environmentally friendly as possible, making caravan owners and visitors to the Park aware of what we're doing and what they can do here (and at home).
View Of The Beeches Caravan Park, Gilcrux


  • Outside lighting is on a time clock and uses low energy bulbs. We will use energy efficient light bulbs elsewhere where possible.
  • Electric and water meters are fitted to all caravans, to encourage less 'waste' of energy.
  • We use ecoflow units on the house heating system and vehicle to increase fuel efficiency and reduce harmful emissions
  • Recycling facilities are now available on the Park, for paper, glass and cans. Garden waste is also separated. We need to make sure everyone is aware of this facility and encouraged to use it
  • We REUSE as much paper as possible and will use recycled paper in the Office
  • Toilet paper used in the house and letting caravans is made from recycled paper
  • We will use environmentally friendly cleaning products in the letting caravans and in the house.
  • A local farmer in Gilcrux composts the grass clippings we produce
  • We encourage users of the Park to support the Mason's Arms and the Barn Bistro (just next door), and to become involved in local activities, e.g., Village Hall events and fund raising events
  • We operate a Post Office on the Park for the benefit of guests and also the local community.
    We are currently looking at ways to provide a more effective and user-friendly service, e.g., opening in the evenings.
    We also support older members of the community who use the Post Office
  • We minimize use of chemicals on the Park and actively encourage wildlife and an interest from caravan owners and guests e.g., siting of bird nesting boxes and feeders, red squirrel feeders
  • A bike store is available and cycle hire can be arranged
  • Public transport is very limited: Guests are encouraged to take the train if going to Carlisle
  • Local walk routes are provided for trips from the site. Books are available for routes further afield


  • To encourage visitors to REDUCE water, gas and electric use, by placing signs in the letting caravans to this effect
  • To REDUCE our purchases, REUSE and RECYCLE our belongings To explore use of environmentally friendly washing powders
  • To sell environmentally friendly cleaning products in the shop
  • When renewing Park vehicles, to consider more fuel efficient models
  • To develop quizzes for children, to encourage interest in local wildlife and area

Henry Airey
January 2005

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